CBD Oil Hacks: The Ultimate Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol or more popularly referred to as CBD has emerged as a powerful oil extract that can be used as a supplement in the fight against diverse chronic diseases. The range of diseases it has been found to be very helpful in keeping at bay can range from cancer to bowel diseases, sleep disorders to schizophrenia, skin conditions to Alzheimer’s disease among lots of other medical conditions. CBD oil has enormously grown in recent times to become an industry worth in excess of a billion dollars. In the United States for instance, the naturally occurring CBD oil has become so popular that it is now making its way as an input into conventional different products from being blended into lattes to gummy bears and baked muffins etc.  

While there are diverse CBD oil products available in the market today, however, there is a seeming paucity of reliable information on how exactly CBD works on our body system relative to specific ailments, its benefits as well as risk factors if any. The purpose of this article is to give you a comprehensive guide as regards everything you need to know about the health benefits of CBD to your well being.

What exactly is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil also known as Cannabidol is actually one out of over 100 hundred diverse chemical compounds that naturally occur within the cannabis plant. Such compounds are generally referred to as cannabinoids and are known to react to react with the endocannabinoid system in the human body. However, in recent times, scientists discovered that a connection of different cannabis receptors can be very helpful in various ways and in areas such as sleep improvement, pain amelioration, mood enhancement, appetite enrichment among others. 

Provided in this article are facts about CBD, health benefits of CBD Oil as well as how you can use them against diverse diseases as listed below.

Acne/Skin Conditions

Acne/Skin Conditions

Humans over the ages have always cherished the need to have unblemished skin, however due to several factors that could range from diverse sources, lots of people have found themselves battling one form of skin condition or the other, and one of the most common of such problems include acne. It is not uncommon to see teenagers or adults battling with acne and this condition can lead to low self esteem or worse still depression in extreme cases when such challenge persists over a long period of time. Although there are quite a number of options available that could lead to positive results such as certain essential oils, over the counter prescription drugs or even laser treatment among others. However, in recent times, dermatologists have unraveled the amazing potential of CBD in the effective treatment of acne and some other worrisome skin conditions. Also, another impressive thing about CBD is that it is almost completely free of any known side effect unlike other options available in the treatment of acne and some other skin conditions.   

Some dermatologists that have studied the health benefits of CBD Oil especially in skincare treatment and care, have unraveled how CBD networks with the endocannabinoid which results in a radiant and youthful looking skin. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties and the way they work with the body has been noted to be very effective in neutralizing the adverse effects of common skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis etc.

Furthermore, studies have shown that CBD has the potential to stifle the production of certain sebum that is notorious in causing acne, thereby helping to reduce its adverse effects in individuals.

The amazing qualities of CBD do not end there, as it has been discovered to be very helpful in reducing inflammation in the human body. Interestingly, since chronic pain or other chronic disorders including acne are made worse by inflammation (due to the fact that inflammation in most cases usually result in the excess production of some chemicals and hormones that in turn worsens the outlook of such skin conditions) when inflammation is reduced the effect will also be visible in the form of reduced symptoms.

Considering the fact that other known ways of treating acne are usually associated with side effects that could range from mild to severe reactions such as dry skin or skin irritation, dizziness or even high blood pressure. These undesirable side effects that goes along with other means of treatments makes CBD a far better option than others in the treatment of acne and some other skin conditions.


One of the areas where CBD Oil is showing promising signs is in the treatment of ADHD. Although research on it has not been exhaustive yet but there is every reason to be optimistic with what is on ground.

Firstly, let’s define ADHD and what it is all about.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH), ADHD is defined as “a type of brain disorder that is marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity which interferes with its function or development” emphasis mine.

Most times, ADHD is often diagnosed during childhood while some of the symptoms may even surface early when a child is still in preschool, or may be as late middle school. For those suffering from ADHD, it usually manifests in frequent severe inattention, acting on impulse as well as being hyperactive and all these could adversely affect social life, school activities, or job/career functions.  

Proven health benefits of CBD Oil in the treatment of ADHD were shown through three different studies:

A group of German researchers embarked on a study with 30 ADHD patients and discovered that CBD significantly helped to improve their concentration as well as sleep quality and at the same reduced impulsivity in all the patients. Another qualitative analysis conducted on 401 online posts on ADHD forums in 2016 revealed that 25% of all entries showed that CBD helped to provide therapeutic relief on them. Likewise in 2017, 30 adult ADHD patients in Europe were tested for cognitive performance on a ratio of 1:1 CBD/THC and the researchers observed that there was significant improvement in cognitive inhibition as well as in hyperactivity and impulsivity although the results were not up to the threshold statistically acceptable.

Alzheimer’s disease

Recent studies have proven beyond doubt that CBD can remove or ameliorate the adverse effects of inflammation, brain cell decline as well as oxygen buildup.

Research has shown that inflammation usually worsens the case of Alzheimer’s disease. The inflammation response usually occurs when the immune cells in the brain fails to remove disorienting blockages. However, CBD oil can help to reduce the inflammation that is at the root of Alzheimer’s symptoms. More often than not, when inflammation occurs in the brain, oxygen will be released as a byproduct. Also, the more inflammation occurs, the more its negative impact will be felt by the patient.

The more oxygen is dispersed from the brain’s cells; it will lead to the deterioration of basic brain functions like loss of memory. 

CBD works effectively as antioxidant by helping to ameliorate the problems that would have resulted from excess oxygen in the brain. Considering the fact that brain cells of Alzheimer’s patients usually decline rapidly due to the destructive effects of the disease, the CBD oil will counter it by stimulating brain tissues.

Research based health benefits of CBD have revealed its potency in reversing or even out rightly preventing the development of the associated adverse effects of Alzheimer’s disease. 

In 2011, a group of Australian researchers led by Tim Karl discovered that CBD helps to enhance the development as well as growth of brain cells and therefore reducing memory loss while helping other brain activities to function properly. 



In recent times, lots of people have resorted to the use of CBD oil in the solving anxiety and stress issues. Beginning with the 2018 passage of the farm bill in America, which was followed by the complete legitimization of industrial hemp, CBD has grown in importance as a widely acceptable antidote for anxiety, depression and other related conditions.

Regardless of the fact that research is still ongoing in trying to fully establish that CBD oil is indeed a viable treatment alternative for health issues such as anxiety, depression and other stress related problems, individuals who have used CBD oil mostly report of a significant decrease in symptoms.

To better understand the effects of CBD oil and its health benefits, it is necessary for us to understand how the supplement affects our brain and in extension our whole body.

For individuals who are dealing with emotional problems such as anxiety, but are not able to tolerate or comfortable with the idea of taking psychiatric medication or its side effects, cannabis product that contains CBD oil could prove to be a better alternative. 

In 2010, Journal of Psychopharmacology published a paper which suggested that both humans and animals have through studies shown that cannabidiol which is one of the major compounds in cannabis can help in the treatment of anxiety. Coupled with several clinical trials that have revealed the potency of CBD oil in effectively helping to treat certain health challenges such as anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, depression as well as lowering blood pressure and acting as a natural supplement against inflammation.

Neurochemistry analysis of CBD has shown that there is an in-built mechanism in the human body that is designed to process cannabinoids effectively. The endocannabinoid system is actively involved in homeostasis which is the ability of the body to regulate itself and maintain a healthy inner balance. In essence, it means that CBD oil as well as other derived supplements could help in regulating mood, sleep, appetite and in extension the amount of anxiety one could experience at any time.

The amazing thing about CBD oil is that it can have a major positive impact on the receptors found within the human brain that are wired to respond to anxiety.


According to the Arthritis Foundation (AF), arthritis has remained a major problem afflicting lots of people. In the United States alone, an estimated 54 million adults along with 300,000 children are diagnosed with either arthritis or similar type of rheumatic symptoms that results to joint pain.

Considering that there are others who have arthritis but are yet to be officially diagnosed, the Arthritis Foundation disclosed that the actual figure could be as high as 91.2 million aggregate. Worse still, this alarming figure is expected to rise by 49 percent before the end of 2040.

Arthritis could be a disconcerting health challenge and its symptoms include joint pain, stiffness as well as problems in trying to move the joints. These symptoms can be severe and tends to get worse as time goes on. Such problems could become worse when they are associated with other medical challenges such as arthritis, diabetes, health disease and obesity. However, granted that there are certain medications as well as treatment programs that could potentially help to ameliorate such health challenges, people are increasingly seeking for more natural and effective alternative and CBD oil happens to be prominent among them.  

CBD Dosing; in taking CBD, it is recommended that the person should begin moderately, this will enable you to observe how your body is responding to it thereby ensuring you are taking only the amount that is necessary. This is important because there is no government regulation in terms of manufacture as well as sale of CBD, which means you have to decipher that yourself.

Furthermore, according to the Consumer Health Digest (CHD), the three most basic terms to consider before buying CBD oil include CBD volume, CBD concentration and hemp oil volume. The first and last terms are the important based on Consumer Health Digest directive since they will give you an idea on the oil’s potency.

Nevertheless, you should note that there are diverse product options when it comes to CBD oils such as

  • CBD oil; this is the basic compound in the CBD value chain
  • CBD dietary supplements; these could come in the form of capsules that contain CBD oil in powdery form
  • CBD oil topical mixtures; this option is available for the user to apply in specific areas of need
  • CBD oil tinctures; this option of cannabis extract is alcohol based and are designed to be taken orally.  

It is important to emphasize that the option you decide to select will largely depend on your need and the extent of the pain you are feeling.

If you are a new user of CBD oil, it is recommended that you should begin with 10 milligrams daily. This will enable you to effectively determine a safe threshold that would be suitable for you. You can increase your intake to 20mg or even as high as 80mg per day as the case may be in order to achieve full result.

Autism Symptoms

Factually, no drug including CBD can effectively cure or completely remove the main symptoms of autism some of which include sensory dysfunction, repetitive or restricted behaviors, social communication challenges etc. That notwithstanding, CBD can help to ameliorate certain disorders that are usually associated with autism which include epilepsy, stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders. By minimizing the effects of these disorders, CBD could help to reduce some of these challenges that go along with autism.

An example of how CBD works in this aspect is by stimulating better sleep and lowering anxiety which could result in reduced aggressive behaviors. In the same manner, fewer seizures due to CBD could translate to less stress that would enable the individual to interact socially, while lower anxiety will enhance social communication skills and learning. For parents of autistic children, it could prove difficult trying to manage sleeplessness and aggression and they could easily end up overwhelmed and frustrated. Aggression in autistic children can be very challenging to the parents and is one of the major reasons why they may decide to take them away to be under the protection of institutions that cater for autistic children.

Studies on how CBD impacts children with autism are quite rare but almost nonexistent for adults, however, a particular study which was conducted in Israel revealed some interesting facts.  

In 2014, the country’s ministry of health commenced the issuance of licenses specifically for the treatment of epileptic children. With hindsight on the impressive outcome of CBD treatment for challenges such as anxiety, panic, tantrums, and aggression as well as other potentially dangerous behaviors in children suffering from epilepsy, parents of such autistic children decided to try medical cannabis for succor.

Bacterial Infection

Bacterial Infection

One fascinating fact about CBD oil that has taken the medical world by storm is its ability to kill bacteria even better than the conventional antibiotics. A new research discovered that it could be effective in the fight against superbugs.

CBD oil has the potential to cure deadly infections including pneumonia and MRSA scientists have said.

A team of scientists led by Dr Mark Blaskovich were conducting research on the possible use of cannabis creams in the treatment of diverse skin disorders when they accidentally made the discovery. The amazing findings that were made in his lab showed it was significantly effective in killing different kinds of bugs, including the variants that are now antibiotics resistant. 

What is even more remarkable about it is that it remained potent over extended period of use it was reported.

In the series of experiments that were conducted, it was revealed that CBD remained just as potent as the conventional medications like vancomycin or daptomycin which incidentally are gradually becoming ineffective.  However, on the other hand, CBD did not lose its efficacy when it was exposed to the same conditions, over extended period of time that caused vancomycin or daptomycin to lose their potency.

Likewise, CBD was successful in disrupting the bacteria known as biofilms, which usually enhances bacteria growth and make them resistant to treatments. The recent study which was partly funded by Botanix Pharmaceuticals Ltd, an Australian drug company was coming on the heels of an alarm raised by the UN that some strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria could by 2050 be resulting in the death of 50 million people globally


Granted that it may be too early to make any categorical claim on CBD being effective in cancer treatment, there are promising signs that it could help in managing the symptoms that may arise as a result of the disease or due to its treatment. In essence, CBD could be applicable in complimenting therapy. Already, there is a number of evidence available that indicates the effectiveness of CBD as a complementary therapy in helping cancer patients through the following ways:

  • Stimulating Appetite; it is common for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment to experience loss of appetite and nausea. These symptoms usually make it problematic for such people to feed well and also to maintain decent weight. However, cannabis can deliver THC along with other cannabinoids into the bloodstream which could help trigger an increase in appetite, but it is not yet conclusive that CBD works independently to achieve this effect.
  • As Pain Reliever; cancer as an ailment and its treatment process can both cause pain to the patient. Inflammation, nerve injury or pressure to internal organs can all result in pain. If the pain becomes severe, powerful pain relievers such as opioids may no longer be effective. However, with CBD acting indirectly on CB2 receptors, it could help in reducing the inflammation while THC will act on CB1 receptors which could be effective in reducing pain emanating from nerve damage.
  • Preventing Nausea;  cannabinoids has proven to be helpful to cancer patients in guarding against vomiting and regular nausea experience especially when it is as a result of chemotherapy.  However, there is evidence that the anti nausea effect could be due to the THC in cannabis instead of CBD. The import of this is that THC in cannabis products could lead to psychoactive effects on the person taking it therefore a doctor’s advice may be needed in such situation. 



Depression and anxiety are common mental health challenges that can adversely affect one’s health, ability to work, social life and general wellbeing. Drug prescription could be given to such people to help them cope with the disorder but they usually come with side effects in the form sexual dysfunction, mood swings and sleep disorder.

Studies have shown that CBD could be a viable treatment option for people suffering from depression and anxiety, and the good thing is that it may not only be effective but equally has relatively few side effects. In most of the studies, CBD showed signs of compatibility with serotonin receptors situated in the brain. Serotonin is crucial in regulating certain functions in the human body such as one’s emotional state, happiness and feelings of general wellbeing. Ensuring that serotonin levels remain optimal is vital as a therapy for people suffering from depression and anxiety.

Drug Withdrawal

Drug Withdrawal

Another area where CBD has proven to be effective is in the treatment of drug addiction. The American Journal of Psychiatry in one of its publications reported that researchers have discovered how cannabidiol can help individuals to curb their addiction for substances such as heroin and other opiods even more effectively than those who were given a placebo. As Public health experts put more effort in trying to stem the tide against drug epidemic, cannabidiol could prove crucial as more research is being conducted. Cannabidiol works in this regard by reducing the cravings such addicts usually have towards illicit drugs which is what ordinarily compels them to take it. According to the researchers that made the findings, the lead researcher, Yasmin Hurd of the Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai, stated that CBD could be used as viable over the counter option in the treatment of opiod withdrawal symptoms. He pointed out that by dampening the craving for illicit substances; it will greatly reduce the possibility of relapse as well as overdose risk. 


CBD oil has proven to be amazingly effective in the treatment of epilepsy and its sufferers are now getting respite from seizures with the use of CBD oil. Let’s understand the basics and how it works. At the moment, epidiolex happens to be the only prescription type of CBD available for the treatment of epilepsy. It was approved in June 2018 by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of seizures that occur in two difficult forms i.e. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or LGS and Dravet syndrome. Epidiolex can be administered on both adults and children that are up to 2 years who may have symptoms of these disorders. Ordinarily, seizures occur due to erratic electrical impulses that take place in the brain which can spread and lead to uncontrolled hyperactive physical movements as well as impairing consciousness. Majority of the anti-seizure drugs available work by calming down the excitatory nerve activity within the brain from spiraling out of control.

Prescription CBD is now specifically recommended to be used in controlling seizures in both strains of epilepsy notably LGS and Dravet syndrome.

LGS usually begins to manifest during early childhood and is epitomized through multiple seizure types that are combined with physical and cognitive defects. They are relatively more difficult to control and require more specialized medication regimen than other types of epilepsy. Dravet syndrome on the other hand equally begins during early childhood and manifests through multiple seizures that are often triggered by fevers. Individuals suffering from Dravet syndrome often experience learning problems as well as behavioral challenges.  However, studies have indicated that CBD, when administered along with other medications for epilepsy, helps to reduce the severity as well as frequency of seizures in people suffering from epilepsy.


A 2013 report informed that CBD could be helpful in relieving pain that emanates as a result of fibromyalgia among other challenges such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. However, studies on the efficacy of CBD as a treatment option for fibromyalgia have not been extensive so far.

Till date, researchers are yet to ascertain why the compound seems to minimize certain fibromyalgia symptoms but that notwithstanding, some theories are being studied in ongoing research.  Also, it is not yet understood why CBD works in some individuals.

In all these, CBD still remains an acceptable choice.

Heart Disease

Heart Disease

New evidences are just emerging which gives credence to the potential of CBD in beneficial to the cardiovascular system. CBD works on isolated arteries resulting in acute as well as time- dependent vasorelation. Granted that chronic or acute treatment appears to have no significant effect on haemodynamics , CBD helps to reduce cardiovascular response to stress.

CBD influences the survival as well as death rate of white blood cells, aids white blood cell movement and platelet aggregation.

Be that as it may, the truth is that more research is needed for the hypothesis to be considered as factual or otherwise.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD’s) as well as others such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are chronic intestinal challenges that are usually characterized by hyper inflammation that leads to gastrointestinal as well as extra intestinal symptoms, which often progresses to either surgery or disability. They have no known medical remedy and are of unknown cause. Therefore, the therapy against these conditions is majorly focused on alleviating the symptoms and improvement on quality of life, which is basically aimed at controlling inflammation with the use of immune based therapies.

In recent times, managing the challenges now includes symptom improvement and biochemical control known as deep remission. This has been aided with a new interest in making use of cannabis in the management of inflammatory bowel disease. However, it is not conclusive yet that the currently available formulations are effective in controlling inflammation. Regardless of that, the use of cannabis in different variants has shown evidences of improvements against nausea, promoting appetite and also to cushion the effect of abdominal pain. 


Can CBD actually promote quality sleep? This question has been asked over and over again with conflicting answers being given but according to the World Health Organization, unlike its cousin—THC, does not cause a ‘high’ and appears to lead to less REM-sleep disruption relative to THC. In other words, since REM-sleep is the deep, restorative sleep, it means that CBD can aid deep uninterrupted sleep by making the nervous system calm. CBD is generally believed to enhance antipsychotic effects, but this assertion is not yet conclusively proven. Some experts argue that CBD could prevent a certain chemical neurotransmitter within the brain from breaking down, which would have resulted in less mental function, emotional imbalance and pain, thereby promoting more sleep enhancing chemical to flow across the bloodstream and bring about drowsiness.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a health challenge that affects the central nervous system and 2.3 million people are estimated to be affected globally. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis ranges widely but generally include muscle spasticity, depression, pain, and inflammation.

Overall, these symptoms usually lead to a reduction in physical activity, adversely affect the quality of life and also inhibit functional mobility among those who are suffering from it. But the good news is that in recent times, there have been major breakthroughs in modifying therapy against the disease since there is no known cure yet for multiple sclerosis symptoms. As a result of this, many of those suffering from the disease are left to seek for palliative measures which could be found in the use of cannabis.

Nausea/Appetite Enhancement

Nauseous feeling can be very uncomfortable, lead to anxiety and even result in loss of appetite for short or even extended period of time. Several factors could cause such undesirable feeling such as an ailment or its side effect, treatment for a disease etc. Regardless of what led to it, nausea and its accompanying loss of appetite can possibly wreck as much havoc as the ailment that caused it in the first place. Be that as it may, studies in recent times have shown that CBD oil can actually be a panacea to nausea and could promote appetite.

CBD works on the endocannabinoid system, which is a part of the human brain where both CB1 and CB2 receptors can be found. The process takes effect when the CBD gets to the receptors found in the endocannabinod system, and influencing them to regulate the feelings that cause nausea as well as vomiting. 

Pain and Inflammation

Another use of CBD oil is in the treatment of pain and inflammation. It has been used by individuals in cushioning the effect of chronic pain.  CBD can be used as a viable option for individuals who are suffering from chronic pain and have to rely on risky and addictive option like opioids. However, more research is needed to be conducted in order to holistically verify the benefits of CBD as a pain reliever. Some of the perceptions being held about CBD’s potency are still at the stage of hypothesis.

Receptors are minute proteins that cling to the cells and when they come in contact with chemical signals coming from diverse stimuli, they help the cells to respond accordingly. This process is what creates anti-inflammatory effects as well as pain management. It is based on this that CBD oil is believed to be beneficial as a medium against pain and inflammation. 

Quitting Tobacco

Quitting Tobacco

Globally, there are lots of people who smoke cigarettes and many others too who are battling with one smoking-related ailment or the other. The truth is that developing the habit of smoking may be easy but deciding to quit it could prove very difficult due to the effects of nicotine addiction.

Recent researches have suggested that CBD oil could be effective in helping individuals to quit cigarette smoking, even if previous attempts with other solutions have failed. If you’re among those seeking for a way stop such destructive habit such as smoking then you may need to know some facts about CBD oil and how it can help you.   

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that nicotine addiction is more rampant than any other substance abuse. Furthermore, the report stated that nicotine may be just as addictive as other notorious drugs such as heroin and cocaine. 

A study was conducted in 2013 where researchers trying to test the efficacy of cannabidiol on habitual smokers who were desirous of quitting. The duration of the study was one week and involved 24 individuals. The groups were divided into two with half of them given CBD while the other half were given a placebo.  When any of the test subjects develops an urge to smoke, they were informed to either use CBD or placebo depending on the group the individual belonged. At the duration of the study, the result was impressive. While half of the participants that took CBD were able to reduce the amount of cigarette they smoked by as much as 40%, the other half that were given placebo had no reduction in the amount of cigarettes they smoked. This means that CBD can significantly reduce the urge to smoke cigarette thereby helping one to stop the addiction to it.

Type 1 Diabetes

Already, CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits are well known but a new study has revealed that the same way CBD against inflammation shows a relationship with insulin resistance.

Once CBD oil reduces inflammation, it will help the cardiovascular system as well as the immune system to start working more efficiently.

This same process is applicable to type 1 diabetes, because it will propel the body to begin normal production of insulin which in turn will make the diabetics to continue reducing.

Some researchers have proven that you can effectively improve your health with CBD Oil.

Most of these are CBD facts and how it could promote your health although some of the projections are not conclusive yet as they are still being studied. 

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